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Chronomètre à Résonance

About this watch

F.P. journe commemorates the 10 year anniversary of the renowned chronomètre à résonance with a new edition now featuring a 24 hour indicator.

An emblematic timepiece that significantly marks the research on precision made by master watchmaker françois-paul journe. This unique watch represents one of the wildest challenges ever in the field of the mechanical watch. Featuring the natural phenomenon of resonance, this exceptional mechanism, with its twin balances beating in perfect synchronisation, revolutionized the classic standards of watchmaking by offering an unequalled precision for a wristwatch.

This physical phenomenon known as “resonance” is frequently part of our daily lives and yet we hardly even notice it. When one is looking for a program on the radio, it crackles until the chosen wavelengths meet those of the transmitter: only then do they harmonise to begin resonating together.

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